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KOMP Repository (Knockout Mouse Project) KOMP Knock Out Knockout Mouse Mice
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Overview of the Ordering Process

You can use this website to order all KOMP products, including targeted vectors, ES cells, mice, sperm, and embryos produced by the CHORI-Sanger-UCDavis (CSD) consortium and Velocigene/Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, as well as the services required to create these products.

Please note, we are not able to begin processing your request until we have received 1) your official online order, 2) a completed MTA, if one is not already on file for your institution, and 3) payment/billing information. If you need help, please email us at orders@komp.org or call 1-888-KOMP-MICE (1-888-566-7642, North America) between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM PST/PDT Monday through Friday.

Searching for Products

  1. Type the gene name or any number identifying the gene (MGI, VEGA, Ensembl, NCBI, or CCDS) in the search box on the KOMP homepage, and click "SEARCH". You will be given a list of genes that match your search criteria. You may also use the browse feature on the KOMP homepage to search by available product and/or the first letter of the gene symbol.

  2. To view more information about that knockout, click on the gene name on the search results page. If the KOMP product is under development but not yet available, you can express interest to be notified if/when products become available (see Expressing Interest section below for more information).

Adding Products to Cart

  1. If the KOMP product is available, click on the green "Order" button for that product you wish to order (ie: ES cells or sperm). Clicking on Vectors’ "Order" button will direct you away from the KOMP website to the vector repository website at CHORI, where you will be able to place your order for vectors.

  2. You will then be guided through the processing of adding the product to your Cart. You will be able to select precisely what products you want to order, in addition to ordering any additional services such as microinjection or extra vials/aliquots.

  3. On the first page, "Who are you?", you will be asked to determine whether your organization is a non-profit research institution, or a commercial, for-profit entity. If you are a commercial, for-profit entity, a $15,000 commercial licensing fee will be added to your order for each targeted allele; this fee is non-negotiable. Wildtype parental ES cells line require separate negotiation for for-profit entities; please contact service@komp.org. If you are a for-profit entity interested in a KOMP2 CRISPR line derived by JAX, please contact orderquest@jax.org.

  4. On the second page, "What are you looking for?", you can select from different products associated with the allele you selected. Please note, the website will automatically take you to the third page (skipping the second) if you select a specific product from the gene page. To order microinjection and/or germline transmission testing you will first need to select ES cells. Please note, the final product after ordering microinjection will be chimeric mice. The final product after ordering germline transmission (in addition to microinjection) will be heterozygous mice (not guaranteed)

  5. On the third page, "Which product would you like", you will be able to choose the number of ES cell clones or confirm your selection of frozen germplasm or resuscitation.

  6. On the fourth page, "Anything else?", you will be able to view the items currently selected for ordering and add additional services such as extra vials of ES cells, microinjection and/or germline transmission testing, or an extra aliquot of sperm or embryos. When you have added all of the services you desire, click the “Next" button. This adds the product (and any services) to your cart; you can then either continue shopping or proceed with checkout. You will be prompted to log in or create an account if you are not already logged in.

Checkout Process

  1. On the first page, “Who will be the recipient?”, you will be required to enter the Primary Investigator’s name, email, and phone number. You will also be required to enter your institution’s Legal Official contact information (for MTA purposes). You will then be prompted to select a shipping address from the addresses you provided when registering as a customer, or add a new shipping address. Please be sure to click the little radio button (circle) next to the shipping address to select it.

  2. On the second page, “Who should we bill”, you can select your billing address or add a new one. Please be sure to click the little radio button (circle) next to the billing address to select it.

  3. On the third page, “How will you pay?”, please select your preferred method of payment. We do not require payment/billing information during the checkout process. We will contact you after your order has been received for payment. For accepted payment types, please see the Payment Method section below.

  4. On the fourth page, “Additional Questions”, you will be asked about the funding source for your project (ie: NIH or other federal source).

  5. On the final page, “Are you ready to purchase?”, you will be able to view a summary of your order prior to final submission. If you wish to change any information or products, click the appropriate link (such as “Change Billing Address”) and make the necessary changes, then click “Next”. Once you are satisfied with your order and wish to place it, click on "Confirm Purchase". You will see an order confirmation page, with your official KOMP order number (ie: KO-####). You will also receive an email confirmation of your order. You may view the status of your order at any time by using the link provided in the email.

Information Required for Order Processing

Before we are able to process your order, we must receive your payment/billing information and a fully executed Material Transfer Agreement (MTA).

To submit your payment information, please follow the instructions given to you in your order confirmation email or provided in a separate email from one of our project coordinators. Please do not send payment until you have placed your order and have received the full order total.

CSD or VG mutant products: To improve efficiency, the KOMP Repository has an institutional version of the KOMP MTA that only requires a one-time signature by your institution official. Your institution official will then be sent any updates to Exhibit A of this agreement as new orders are received and processed for your institution from this collection. You can check if your institution already has a completed MTA at: https://www.komp.org/mta_tracking.php.

KOMP2 CRISPR mice derived by JAX: There is a different institutional KOMP MTA for CRISPR Knockout lines derived during KOMP2 production from the Jackson Laboratory. This MTA only requires a one-time signature by your institution official. Your institution official will then be sent any updates to Exhibit A of this agreement as new orders are received and processed for your institution from this collection. We will inform you after we receive your order whether we have an MTA on file for your institution or if a new MTA will need to be completed. Distribution of these CRISPR lines is limited to non-profit entities only. Posted MTAs are for non-profits only. Please contact orderquest@jax.org if you are a for-profit interested in these lines.

Wildtype parental ES cell lines: There are different MTAs depending on which wildtype cell line is requested. We will inform you which MTA is needed after we receive your order. Posted MTAs are for non-profits only. Please contact service@komp.org if you are a for-profit interested in these lines.

Payment Methods

For domestic orders, you may submit payment by purchase order, credit card, or check. For international orders, you may submit payment by credit card, wire transfer, or check. Customers placing orders from within the University of California system are required to pay by intercampus recharge. Information on how to submit payment will be provided after your official order is received.

Registering Interest in Unavailable Products

Once the production of a KOMP allele has begun, you can register your interest in it. Once the product becomes available for distribution (after passing quality control at the Repository), you will be automatically notified by email. Please note, you need to have a KOMP account to register interest. Follow these steps to register interest in the desired products:

  1. Search for your desired gene (see Searching for Products section above).

  2. If the gene of your interest is listed as "Products not available at KOMP", click on the gene name to go to the "gene information" page. From here, click on the "Register Interest" button (with the gray star). Select the products you are interested in under a specific allele (or “Any Allele”) and click the “Save” button. If the gene you are interested in is available only as vectors or ES cells, and you wish to wait to order until there are confirmed mouse products such as cryo-recovery or frozen germplasm, click the gray “Options” button under the product you wish to order. A small window will appear; click the blue “Register” button to proceed with registering interest. Select the products you are interested in under a specific allele (or “Any Allele”) and click the “Save” button.

  3. You can view all of the KOMP products you have registered interest in by clicking the “MyKOMP” tab at the top of the KOMP webpage and then clicking the “My Favorite Genes” tab. When your KOMP product of interest becomes available, you will receive an automatic email.

The KOMP Repository Collection is located at the MMRRC at the University of California, Davis and Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute. Question? Comments? For Mice, Cells, and germplasm please contact us at mmrrc@ucdavis.edu, US 1-888-KOMP-MICE or International +1-530-752-KOMP, or for vectors komporders@chori.org or +1-510-450-7917.