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KOMP Repository (Knockout Mouse Project) KOMP Knock Out Knockout Mouse Mice

Fees for KOMP Products and Services

KOMP Repository mice and ES cells have now been deposited into the MMRRC at UC Davis. You can find the KOMP Repository collection of lines in the MMRRC catalog, or you can search by using the advanced search function, Major Collection = KOMP, and search by gene of interest. Using the advanced search feature will also allow you to filter for ES Cells or mice.

You can still use the KOMP search function at this time, and the blue order buttons will redirect you to the MMRRC. This site will not be further updated other than to deactivate pages as we progress, and the lines are updated only in the MMRRC website going forward for distribution status.

Vectors will continue to be distributed from the Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute until further notice.

CSD Vector, includes extensive evaluation of sub-colonies by restriction analysis with 3 diagnostic enzymes, one clone in glycerol stock $ 750.00
CSD Vector, as described above, plus additional sequence confirmation, one clone in glycerol stock $ 950.00
Regeneron (Velocigene) Vector, no need for extensive QC evaluation due to the stable BAC vector replicon, one clone in glycerol stock $ 350.00

The KOMP Repository Collection is located at the MMRRC at the University of California, Davis and Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute. Question? Comments? For Mice, Cells, and germplasm please contact us at mmrrc@ucdavis.edu, US 1-888-KOMP-MICE or International +1-530-752-KOMP, or for vectors komporders@chori.org or +1-510-450-7917.