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KOMP Repository (Knockout Mouse Project) KOMP Knock Out Knockout Mouse Mice

Fees for KOMP Products and Services

The KOMP Repository was originally funded by a U42 grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH)/National Center for Research Resources (NCRR) with a subcontract to Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute. While our NIH grant enabled us to establish the repository infrastructure, this grant ended in 2012, and fees have been modified for KOMP products and services to cover our operating costs.

The repository distributes KOMP vectors, ES cells, mice, and other materials, such as cryopreserved germplasm, DNA, etc. In addition, the repository also provides services to enhance the utility of these products, including ES cell microinjection, recombination, genetic analysis, pathogen screening, cryo-recovery, colony management, and other services.

The prices for KOMP products and services are shown below for non-University of California, non-profit, and not for profit customers. Fees for industry (for-profit) can be found here. If you are with the University of California, please see here for UC pricing. An intercampus or campus recharge must be used for payment to receive UC pricing. The posted fees do not include any handling or shipping fees, which are discussed at the bottom of this page.

CSD Vector, includes extensive evaluation of sub-colonies by restriction analysis with 3 diagnostic enzymes, one clone in glycerol stock $ 750.00
CSD Vector, as described above, plus additional sequence confirmation, one clone in glycerol stock $ 950.00
Regeneron (Velocigene) Vector, no need for extensive QC evaluation due to the stable BAC vector replicon, one clone in glycerol stock $ 350.00
ES Cells and Associated Services
Targeted ES cells, First Clone, Fully Verified (1 clone, 1 vial)i $ 1,995.34
Targeted ES cells, Each Additional Clone of the same allele, Fully Verifiedi (1 vial per clone) $ 960.02
Duplicate Vial (each additional vial of the Same requested mutant clone(s))
$ 480.01
Parental ES cells, High passage for control purposes, per vial $ 194.03
Parental ES cells, Low passage suitable for 1 electroporation, per vial $ 880.38
Parental ES cells, Ultra low passage suitable for expansion and multiple electroporations, per vial $ 2,041.68
Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts (Feeder Cells), inactivated by irradiation,
1 vial (suitable for 1x 10cm plate or 1 x 6-well plate), per vial
$ 211.99
Pathogen testing - other pathogens (contact service@komp.org)
Request Quote
Basic Microinjection - Inbred hostii $ 9,814.92
Guaranteed Microinjection servicesiii
$ 11,434.44
Germline transmission testingiv
(estimated fees; this is not a guaranteed service, see below for more details)
$ 11,412.90
Recombination services (in vitro) - Cre or FLP (contact service@komp.org) Request Quote
Recombination services (in vivo) - Cre or FLP (contact service@komp.org) Request Quote

Please see below for further descriptions of products and services.

Cryo-archived Strains

Live mice, generated either at the production facility or the repository, are converted into cryopreserved germplasm (sperm and embryos) as part of our Quality Assurance/Quality Control program. Germplasm can be requested directly or the Repository can recover the mice into its SPF distribution facility for a litter of mice to ship. Embryos are preserved as a mix of heterozygous and wild-type, derived by IVF from heterozygous mutant males and C57BL/6 females. Sperm is preserved from heterozygous males.

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee successful reanimation when recovery is performed outside the KOMP Repository. A recovered litter will be a mix of heterozygous and wild-type mice, producing at least one heterozygous mutant mouse. On the rare occurrence that traditional recovery procedures are unsuccessful, a strain recovery may require assisted fertilization methods (aIVF or ICSI); if we find it necessary, the requestor will be notified, and a revised estimate will be provided.

If multiple litters or additional cryopreserved materials are wanted, you can request more than a quantity of one, and pricing will be figured accordingly. The base fees are as follows:

Cryopreserved embryos (40-50 embryos per targeted gene) $ 1,450.26
Cryopreserved sperm (1 aliquotv per targeted gene)$ 815.92
Live mice (1 litter) from cryo-recovery (per targeted gene)

$ 6,928.55
Live Mice
A number of strains are available as live mice. Generally two breeder pairs, or up to four mice, may be requested when available as live. The mice will be heterozygous for the mutation. These mice are usually maintained in the Repository’s conventional housing facility. If you require rederivation to a barrier facility, the Repository provides this service, and you will receive a litter from the rederivation procedure. Sexes and size of litter will vary, but we guarantee at least one heterozygous mutant mouse. Fees for these products are as follows:

Live mice – Conventional Facility (per mouse) $ 663.84
Live mice with rederivation services – Barrier Facility (per litter)

$ 6,699.40

We do offer additional breeding services; please inquire with us at service@komp.org regarding fees.

When you are ready to place your request, you can do so online at www.komp.org. For an overview of the ordering process please see here. For additional services and fees, please contact us at service@komp.org or 1-888-KOMP-MICE.

NOTE: Fees outlined here are subject to change without prior notice. Fees include administrative charges required by our institution for non-University of California customers. If you are with the University of California, please see here for UC pricing. An intercampus or campus recharge must be used for payment to receive UC pricing.


For domestic (within the USA) requests we accept payment via Purchase Order, Pre-Paid Check, Wire Transfer, and Credit Card. For international requests (outside the USA) we do require pre-payment via Wire Transfer, Pre-Paid Check, or Credit Card. Orders will not begin processing until we have received an online request, payment or payment details, and a completed Material Transfer Agreement. Pro-forma invoices can be provided upon request. Please, do not send payment or payment details until you have placed your order online and have received an estimate from our distribution representative.

Courier and Shipping Fees

Shipping and handling fees are not included in the above estimates. Handling fees will be included in your order estimate when the order is placed. In general, domestic shipments (U.S., not including Alaska, Hawaii, or insular territories) are subject to a $98.46 box and handling fee per ES Cell shipment, $ 165.07 handling plus $124.53 crate fee for mouse shipments, and $144.80 handling fees for sperm or embryo shipments; all international shipments (plus Alaska, Hawaii and insular territories) are subject to a $273.67 box and handling fee per ES Cell shipment, $ 249.06 handling plus $124.53 per crate fee for mouse shipments, and $309.87 handling fees for sperm or embryo shipments. Special packaging requirements will incur extra fees. (Note: Mexico and Canada are international shipments requiring customs documentation.)

For most ES cell and vector shipments we can use Federal Express, and request that you provide us with your account number. There are some exceptions for certain countries that require extra documentation and handling, and for these we will recommend another specialized courier.

For cryo-materials, we can use Federal Express for domestic shipments, but for most international shipments we use one of our preferred international couriers, such as World Courier, BioCair or CryoPort, as customs requirements for biological materials are usually very strict.

For live animal shipments, we use one of our preferred live animal couriers, such as World Courier, Midnight Express (MNX), and Validated Courier. We prefer that you provide a courier account number so shipping fees will be billed directly to your institution from the courier. If you choose to use our account for shipping, the rate will be the shipping cost plus a 44.4% Administrative fee, which is required by our institution.

If you have a preferred courier, please let us know, as we will try to work with you on using that courier. However, there may be instances in which we strongly recommend against certain couriers for specific products based on our extensive experience in shipping mice and biologic materials.

Page last updated 07/01/2016


iA Fully Verified ES cell clone includes development of genotyping protocols, genetic verification at the 3' and 5' ends, vector copy number = 1, presence or loss of Y chromosome, chromosome count > or = 50% euploid, and mycoplasma and MPV tested. Type of genetic testing varies for CSD and Velocigene targets. Approximately 30% of KOMP clones tested fail genetic analysis and will require a new clone be selected for expansion and testing. Due to the average germline rate for KOMP targets, we recommend requesting and injecting 2 - 3 clones per targeted allele. All mutant ES cell lines are heterozygous for the mutation, meaning they carry one modified allele and one wild type allele. Please note, there is high incidence of mixed cell populations in the CSD targeted cell lines, and while our testing can detect this in most cases, it is not 100%, and there may be a very small percent of non or incorrectly targeted ES cells in the population, therefore we strongly recommend targeting verification of the derived mice with 5’ or 3’ LRPCR and/or Loss of Allele analysis.

iiBasic Microinjection provides injection of up to 3 ES Cell clones per gene, including injection of at least 28-32 embryos per clone, derivation of at least one litter containing a minimum of 8 pups, and housing until pups are 7 weeks of age. There are no guarantees for derivation of high percent chimeric mice with basic microinjection services.

iiiGuaranteed Microinjection Services includes microinjection of up to 3 ES cell clones per targeted allele (when available, ordered, and passing QC), and we guarantee to produce at least 2 appropriately sexed chimeras per targeted allele with greater than 50% ES cell derived coat color, or your money back from the injection service. The customer will not receive any ES cells as part of this package, but additional vials of cells can be ordered.

ivThis is an estimated fee for germline transmission testing, which includes mating of all high percentage chimeric males per clone, Project Management and monthly updates, per diem of breeder and non-breeder mice, colony husbandry, C57BL/6N female purchase, and genotyping of litters, including targeting verification on CSD allele targets. The actual fees depend on the fertility and fecundity of the chimeras and the number of litters generated and tested before heterozygous mice are identified. Fees may be higher or lower than estimated here. This is not a guaranteed service; fees are billed on services provided, including per diem, genotyping, project and colony management. Average germline success rates for the KOMP Project can be found at https://www.komp.org/gltrates.php.

vOne aliquot is one vial or straw of sperm with sufficient concentration to fertilize multiple clutches of oocytes, for derivation of at least one litter of mice if performed at the KOMP Repository. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee successful reanimation when recovery is performed outside the KOMP Repository.

The KOMP Repository is located at the University of California Davis and Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute. Question? Comments? For Mice, Cells, and germplasm please contact us at service@komp.org, US 1-888-KOMP-MICE or International +1-530-752-KOMP, or for vectors komporders@chori.org or +1-510-450-7917.