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GO Terms found for Strap
serine/threonine kinase receptor associated protein:

Biological Process GO:0000122 negative regulation of transcription by RNA polymerase II
Biological Process GO:0000387 spliceosomal snRNP assembly
Biological Process GO:0006397 mRNA processing
Biological Process GO:0008380 RNA splicing
Biological Process GO:0010633 negative regulation of epithelial cell migration
Biological Process GO:0010719 negative regulation of epithelial to mesenchymal transition
Biological Process GO:0030277 maintenance of gastrointestinal epithelium
Biological Process GO:0030512 negative regulation of transforming growth factor beta receptor signaling pathway
Biological Process GO:0050680 negative regulation of epithelial cell proliferation
Biological Process GO:0060394 negative regulation of pathway-restricted SMAD protein phosphorylation
Cellular Component GO:0005634 nucleus
Cellular Component GO:0005737 cytoplasm
Cellular Component GO:0005829 cytosol
Cellular Component GO:0032797 SMN complex
Cellular Component GO:0034719 SMN-Sm protein complex
Molecular Function GO:0005102 signaling receptor binding
Molecular Function GO:0005515 protein binding

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