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GO Terms found for Spred1
sprouty protein with EVH-1 domain 1, related sequence:

Biological Process GO:0000188 inactivation of MAPK activity
Biological Process GO:0006469 negative regulation of protein kinase activity
Biological Process GO:0007275 multicellular organism development
Biological Process GO:0009966 regulation of signal transduction
Biological Process GO:0010801 negative regulation of peptidyl-threonine phosphorylation
Biological Process GO:0010923 negative regulation of phosphatase activity
Biological Process GO:0016525 negative regulation of angiogenesis
Biological Process GO:0043409 negative regulation of MAPK cascade
Biological Process GO:0043517 positive regulation of DNA damage response, signal transduction by p53 class mediator
Biological Process GO:0060979 vasculogenesis involved in coronary vascular morphogenesis
Biological Process GO:0070373 negative regulation of ERK1 and ERK2 cascade
Biological Process GO:0090051 negative regulation of cell migration involved in sprouting angiogenesis
Biological Process GO:0090311 regulation of protein deacetylation
Cellular Component GO:0005634 nucleus
Cellular Component GO:0005654 nucleoplasm
Cellular Component GO:0005829 cytosol
Cellular Component GO:0005886 plasma membrane
Cellular Component GO:0016020 membrane
Cellular Component GO:0031410 cytoplasmic vesicle
Molecular Function GO:0005173 stem cell factor receptor binding
Molecular Function GO:0005515 protein binding
Molecular Function GO:0019901 protein kinase binding
Molecular Function GO:0019902 phosphatase binding
Molecular Function GO:0030291 protein serine/threonine kinase inhibitor activity

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