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GO Terms found for Rtn4
reticulon 4:

Biological Process GO:0001525 angiogenesis
Biological Process GO:0001825 blastocyst formation
Biological Process GO:0002523 leukocyte migration involved in inflammatory response
Biological Process GO:0007029 endoplasmic reticulum organization
Biological Process GO:0007399 nervous system development
Biological Process GO:0007413 axonal fasciculation
Biological Process GO:0010634 positive regulation of epithelial cell migration
Biological Process GO:0010977 negative regulation of neuron projection development
Biological Process GO:0021801 cerebral cortex radial glia guided migration
Biological Process GO:0022009 central nervous system vasculogenesis
Biological Process GO:0030308 negative regulation of cell growth
Biological Process GO:0030334 regulation of cell migration
Biological Process GO:0030517 negative regulation of axon extension
Biological Process GO:0033601 positive regulation of mammary gland epithelial cell proliferation
Biological Process GO:0033603 positive regulation of dopamine secretion
Biological Process GO:0034165 positive regulation of toll-like receptor 9 signaling pathway
Biological Process GO:0035022 positive regulation of Rac protein signal transduction
Biological Process GO:0035441 cell migration involved in vasculogenesis
Biological Process GO:0045665 negative regulation of neuron differentiation
Biological Process GO:0045687 positive regulation of glial cell differentiation
Biological Process GO:0045766 positive regulation of angiogenesis
Biological Process GO:0048694 positive regulation of collateral sprouting of injured axon
Biological Process GO:0050771 negative regulation of axonogenesis
Biological Process GO:0050821 protein stabilization
Biological Process GO:0051292 nuclear pore complex assembly
Biological Process GO:0051897 positive regulation of protein kinase B signaling
Biological Process GO:0051930 regulation of sensory perception of pain
Biological Process GO:0051960 regulation of nervous system development
Biological Process GO:0060317 cardiac epithelial to mesenchymal transition
Biological Process GO:0060907 positive regulation of macrophage cytokine production
Biological Process GO:0061462 protein localization to lysosome
Biological Process GO:0070571 negative regulation of neuron projection regeneration
Biological Process GO:0071456 cellular response to hypoxia
Biological Process GO:0071786 endoplasmic reticulum tubular network organization
Biological Process GO:0071787 endoplasmic reticulum tubular network formation
Biological Process GO:0090156 cellular sphingolipid homeostasis
Biological Process GO:0120078 cell adhesion involved in sprouting angiogenesis
Biological Process GO:1902624 positive regulation of neutrophil migration
Biological Process GO:1903860 negative regulation of dendrite extension
Biological Process GO:1905523 positive regulation of macrophage migration
Biological Process GO:1905552 positive regulation of protein localization to endoplasmic reticulum
Biological Process GO:1905580 positive regulation of ERBB3 signaling pathway
Biological Process GO:1905653 positive regulation of artery morphogenesis
Biological Process GO:1905943 negative regulation of formation of growth cone in injured axon
Biological Process GO:1990809 endoplasmic reticulum tubular network membrane organization
Biological Process GO:2000172 regulation of branching morphogenesis of a nerve
Biological Process GO:2000347 positive regulation of hepatocyte proliferation
Biological Process GO:2001213 negative regulation of vasculogenesis
Cellular Component GO:0005635 nuclear envelope
Cellular Component GO:0005737 cytoplasm
Cellular Component GO:0005783 endoplasmic reticulum
Cellular Component GO:0005789 endoplasmic reticulum membrane
Cellular Component GO:0005886 plasma membrane
Cellular Component GO:0014069 postsynaptic density
Cellular Component GO:0016020 membrane
Cellular Component GO:0016021 integral component of membrane
Cellular Component GO:0030054 cell junction
Cellular Component GO:0030176 integral component of endoplasmic reticulum membrane
Cellular Component GO:0030424 axon
Cellular Component GO:0032991 protein-containing complex
Cellular Component GO:0042995 cell projection
Cellular Component GO:0043005 neuron projection
Cellular Component GO:0043025 neuronal cell body
Cellular Component GO:0043209 myelin sheath
Cellular Component GO:0044294 dendritic growth cone
Cellular Component GO:0071782 endoplasmic reticulum tubular network
Cellular Component GO:0098826 endoplasmic reticulum tubular network membrane
Cellular Component GO:0098978 glutamatergic synapse
Cellular Component GO:0099061 integral component of postsynaptic density membrane
Molecular Function GO:0005515 protein binding
Molecular Function GO:0031625 ubiquitin protein ligase binding
Molecular Function GO:0042803 protein homodimerization activity
Molecular Function GO:0044877 protein-containing complex binding
Molecular Function GO:0045296 cadherin binding

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