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KOMP Repository (Knockout Mouse Project) KOMP Knock Out Knockout Mouse Mice
GO Terms found for Kl

Biological Process GO:0002526 acute inflammatory response
Biological Process GO:0003085 negative regulation of systemic arterial blood pressure
Biological Process GO:0005975 carbohydrate metabolic process
Biological Process GO:0006112 energy reserve metabolic process
Biological Process GO:0007568 aging
Biological Process GO:0008152 metabolic process
Biological Process GO:0008286 insulin receptor signaling pathway
Biological Process GO:0008543 fibroblast growth factor receptor signaling pathway
Biological Process GO:0030501 positive regulation of bone mineralization
Biological Process GO:0042421 norepinephrine biosynthetic process
Biological Process GO:0055074 calcium ion homeostasis
Biological Process GO:0090080 positive regulation of MAPKKK cascade by fibroblast growth factor receptor signaling pathway
Cellular Component GO:0005576 extracellular region
Cellular Component GO:0005615 extracellular space
Cellular Component GO:0005886 plasma membrane
Cellular Component GO:0016020 membrane
Cellular Component GO:0016021 integral component of membrane
Molecular Function GO:0004553 hydrolase activity, hydrolyzing O-glycosyl compounds
Molecular Function GO:0004566 beta-glucuronidase activity
Molecular Function GO:0005104 fibroblast growth factor receptor binding
Molecular Function GO:0005515 protein binding
Molecular Function GO:0008422 beta-glucosidase activity
Molecular Function GO:0016787 hydrolase activity
Molecular Function GO:0016798 hydrolase activity, acting on glycosyl bonds
Molecular Function GO:0017134 fibroblast growth factor binding

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