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GO Terms found for Agfg1
ArfGAP with FG repeats 1:

Biological Process GO:0001675 acrosome assembly
Biological Process GO:0007275 multicellular organism development
Biological Process GO:0007283 spermatogenesis
Biological Process GO:0007289 spermatid nucleus differentiation
Biological Process GO:0030154 cell differentiation
Biological Process GO:0045109 intermediate filament organization
Cellular Component GO:0005634 nucleus
Cellular Component GO:0031410 cytoplasmic vesicle
Cellular Component GO:0042995 cell projection
Cellular Component GO:0043025 neuronal cell body
Cellular Component GO:0043231 intracellular membrane-bounded organelle
Molecular Function GO:0003677 DNA binding
Molecular Function GO:0005096 GTPase activator activity
Molecular Function GO:0046872 metal ion binding

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