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GO Terms found for Cerkl
ceramide kinase-like:

Biological Process GO:0006665 sphingolipid metabolic process
Biological Process GO:0016310 phosphorylation
Biological Process GO:0030148 sphingolipid biosynthetic process
Biological Process GO:0043066 negative regulation of apoptotic process
Cellular Component GO:0001750 photoreceptor outer segment
Cellular Component GO:0001917 photoreceptor inner segment
Cellular Component GO:0005634 nucleus
Cellular Component GO:0005654 nucleoplasm
Cellular Component GO:0005730 nucleolus
Cellular Component GO:0005737 cytoplasm
Cellular Component GO:0005783 endoplasmic reticulum
Cellular Component GO:0005794 Golgi apparatus
Cellular Component GO:0005829 cytosol
Cellular Component GO:0048471 perinuclear region of cytoplasm
Molecular Function GO:0001727 lipid kinase activity
Molecular Function GO:0001729 ceramide kinase activity
Molecular Function GO:0046625 sphingolipid binding

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