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GO Terms found for A3galt2
alpha 1,3-galactosyltransferase 2 (isoglobotriaosylceramide synthase):

Biological Process GO:0005975 carbohydrate metabolic process
Biological Process GO:0006688 glycosphingolipid biosynthetic process
Biological Process GO:0030259 lipid glycosylation
Biological Process GO:0071287 cellular response to manganese ion
Cellular Component GO:0005794 Golgi apparatus
Cellular Component GO:0016020 membrane
Cellular Component GO:0016021 integral component of membrane
Cellular Component GO:0031982 vesicle
Molecular Function GO:0001962 alpha-1,3-galactosyltransferase activity
Molecular Function GO:0016740 transferase activity
Molecular Function GO:0016757 transferase activity, transferring glycosyl groups
Molecular Function GO:0016758 transferase activity, transferring hexosyl groups
Molecular Function GO:0046872 metal ion binding
Molecular Function GO:0047276 N-acetyllactosaminide 3-alpha-galactosyltransferase activity

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